Where is the show?

Trofeul Coroanei Regale / Royal Crown Trophy
10 - 11 august 2019

Romania, Alba Iulia, no. 3, Gemina st.

Coordonate GPS / GPS coordinates

49˚ 04ʹ 39ʺ N – 23˚ 34ʹ 47ʺ E    sau    46,071878 N – 23,574196 E

About Alba Iulia

A town coated by the legendary halo of the great historical events that took place within its ancient walls, Alba Iulia has deeply got into the Romanian people’s mind and soul. No other Transylvanian town has gathered so many crucial meanings and symbols.

With thousands and thousands of years of human existence lying behind it, Alba Iulia represents the charming mirror in which all the ethnic groups of Transylvania can discover their vigor or their traditions of yore.

The heart of Alba Iulia is Alba Carolina Citadel. Alba Carolina, the most representative bastion fortress in Romania and Southeast Europe, built upon the initiative of Emperor Charles the VIth of Habsburg, under the supervision of the French-born Austrian field marshal Eugene of Savoy, is wearing its royal robe.

A royal citadel, residence of the bishopric, capital of autonomous principality, and a military garrison, Alba Iulia has been during all historical periods the main political, administrative, religious, cultural, and military centre of Transylvania. We invite you to visit The Other Capital of Romania.

Alba Iulia is located in the center of Transylvania at: 340 km from Bucharest, 100 km from Cluj-Napoca, 70 km from Sibiu (Hermanstadt) and 240 km from Arad.

More about Alba Iulia: www.turism.apulum.ro