Personal Data Management Regulation Alba Kennel Club

1. Information about Alba Kennel Club
1.1. This regulation regarding the management of personal data is held by Alba Kennel Club, Alba Iulia, Milenium Street, no. 2, CIF 15772530, Aut. 4/2003 (hereinafter referred to as „A.Ch.Alba”) issues the principles for the processing of personal information of visitors to the website (the „web page”), especially registered or submitting users enrollment through the webpage (hereafter referred to as „users”).

1.2. A.Ch.Alba is responsible for the processing of personal data as an administrator and determines the purpose and means by which personal data will be processed.

2. What kind of personal data do we process?
2.1. Data provided by users. At A.Ch.Alba we process the personal data of our users and members. Mainly, those personal data are provided during the registration at A.Ch.Alba, or during the submission at dog shows held by us.

2.2. This data includes in particular the e-mail address and, in the case of members, the first and last name, the address, the telephone number and the payment details.

2.3. Facebook personal data. If you use the Facebook social page, you will allow A.Ch.Alba to access your public profile, date of birth, current location, and email address. Your public profile on Facebook includes your first and last name, profile photo, age category, gender, and other public information depending on how you set your profile.

2.4. A.Ch.Alba does not collect or process other kinds of personal data, such as those of a sensitive nature, such as your health, ethnicity or religion, and so on.

3. For what purposes do we process your personal data?
3.1. Your first and last name and contact details are processed to process your membership applications or subscriptions submitted by you. Data processing in this case is included throughout all activities, from registration, processing, including payment. If this information is not provided by A.Ch.Alba, the latter can not fulfill the commitment of the requested services.

3.2. In order to transmit information about quinology activities, A.Ch.Alba uses the following personal data: the e-mail address and sometimes the telephone number for occasional SMS notifications. In this case, we send a message about the chinological exhibitions that A.Ch.Alba supports and / or organizes. The data processing is done to fulfill the legitimate interests of A.Ch.Alba in the form of direct marketing with limited character. A.Ch.Alba does not need your consent to this kind of communications, but it allows you to unsubscribe at any time or oppose such processing. If you withdraw your consent, we will no longer process your data for the purposes of sending communications, nor for the reasons outlined above, in order to achieve the legitimate interests of A.Ch.Alba.

3.3. In order to publicize information and promote the A.Ch.Alba chinological exhibitions, an e-mail address for communication is mainly used. In this case, processing is based solely on your consent, which is entirely voluntary, and you can continue to make full use of our site if you do not want to give your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on the corresponding link found in each communication message.

4. Canceling consent and canceling receipt of messages or messages by A.Ch.Alba
4.1. Company releases. Users and members of A.Ch.Alba can unsubscribe at any time after receiving the communiqués:

sending your disagreement on processing your personal data to A.Ch.Alba by clicking on the unsubscribe link.

5. Who has access to personal data?
5.1. First of all, personal data is processed by A.Ch.Alba and his staff. All persons with access to personal data are required to maintain confidentiality and this commitment continues even after cooperation with A.Ch.Alba has been completed.

5.2. A.Ch.Alba also manages the processing of personal data as an administrator, such as a processor. Processor means any entity processing personal data for A.Ch.Alba, for the purposes and modalities specified by A.Ch.Alba. If your consent is required for processing, we only transfer the data to processors if you have agreed. We offer only data that we need to process to serve their role.

6. What is the processing time of your personal data?
6.1. A.Ch.Alba processes personal data in order to be able to fulfill the obligations assumed throughout the registration process, including payment and exhibitions. According to the law, A.Ch.Alba retains some of the data contained in the accounting documents.

6.2. Communications are sent to users as long as this is accepted by users and / or members. These are sent until the customer unsubscribes or expresses disapproval regarding the processing of personal data for that purpose. However, communications are sent for up to 10 years. A.Ch.Alba then asks for a new consensus.

6.3. Data obtained for marketing purposes are processed by A.Ch.Alba for the duration of your consent, ie as long as you allow storage or until you express disapproval of personal data processing for that purpose.

6.4. Subsequent processing of personal data in addition to these deadlines is carried out by A.Ch.Alba only if it is necessary to fulfill the obligations arising out of the A.Ch.Alba Regulation.

7. What rights do you have?
7.1. In connection with the processing of your personal data, you can contact A.Ch.Alba and request it:

Information about your personal data that was processed by A.Ch.Alba regarding the purpose and nature of the processing of personal data, including information about potential recipients of personal data outside A.Ch.Alba. General information on the processing of personal data is mentioned in these Regulations.

Access to the data you provided to A.Ch.Alba either during the registration or during the placement of an enrollment. If this right is exercised, A.Ch.Alba will confirm to you if and which personal data are processed and, if applicable, will be made available to you, together with the information on their processing.

Correcting personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete. Only in the case of accurately updated information can A.Ch.Alba provide you with the registration you have placed.

Justify and remove a bad state (such as blocking, correcting, filling in, or deleting personal data) if you believe that A.Ch.Alba processes personal data that violates privacy or violates legal regulations.

Deletion of personal data (the so-called „right to be forgotten”) or their limited processing, if they are no longer needed for these purposes, or if A.Ch.Alba no longer has a legitimate reason to the personal data process, including in cases where you do not agree to further processing. In fulfilling these conditions, A.Ch.Alba will wholly or partially delete your data.

Transfer your automated processed personal data obtained through your consent from A.Ch.Alba to another entity in which A.Ch.Alba transmits to you or another administrator of your choice your personal data in a format used in a way normal.

7.2. In addition, A.Ch.Alba members may contest the processing of personal data in the case of sending irrelevant communications or preference assessments, under which A.Ch.Alba will immediately cease processing personal data for these purposes.

7.3. In addition to the rights listed above, you can always contact A.Ch.Alba with a Personal Data Protection complaint.

8. Data security
8.1. A.Ch.Alba is responsible for the security of your data. The handling of personal data is in full compliance with applicable law, including the Privacy Policy (GDPR). A.Ch.Alba pays great attention to technical and organizational security when processing personal data.

8.2. All personal data in electronic form is stored in databases and systems accessible only to persons who need to dispose of this personal data directly for the purposes specified in these rules and only to the extent necessary. Access to this personal data is protected. Personal data security is regularly tested by A.Ch.Alba and protection is continuously improved.

9. Contact
9.1. If you have any concerns regarding the processing of your personal data or if you believe that your rights have been violated, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +40 774 533 995.

10. Validity
10.1. This regulation enters into force from 23.05.2018.